Our Services

What we provide is comfort and safety. Our drivers are highly trained professionals.

We operate in all major attractions in India and putting our continuous efforts in order to increase this list.
Our services include all types of comforts you need during your travel time.
You can book any seat, can select any traveller and can customize your trip the way you want, we'll make sure that we tick all the boxes when it comes to your satisfaction.
We provide various like Tempo Travellers, Inova, Etios, Dezire and the list goes on.

Tempo Travellers with a seating capacity of 7+1 Seats, 9+1 Seats, 12+1 Seats, 16+1 Seats, 18+1 Seats, 22+1 Seats and 26+1 Seats in addition to this Inova of 6+1 and7+1 and all the 4 and 5 seater cars available for your journey.

Seat : 12+2
Fare Per Km : Rs 22/-
Seat : 12+2
Fare Per Km : Rs 20/-
Seat : 16+2
Fare Per Km : Rs 22/-
Seat : 18+2
Fare Per Km : Rs 23/-
Seat : 20+2
Fare Per Km : Rs 24/-
Seat : 9+2
Fare Per Km : Rs 20/-
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For any travel service, please fill the form & our executive will shortly contact you to answer all of your questions related to our services.